An inspiring quote

From 'Reinstating the Devine Woman in Judaism', by Jenny Kien:

At the most abstract level, I imagine the goddess as the creative force of the universe, the force that makes the atoms dance and split, their particles moving between energy and matter, the force that makes the stars need to grow and create solar systems and the force that makes galaxies spread. …the Life force that makes us grow and will to live. She is the Life or Being itself, the principle of life, of movement, of development and change. She is immanent or all-present. … Why do I call this surely ungendered force "she"?… In this everyday world, the force for renewal is most dramatic at the birth of new life, and we therefore use the female to describe it.

Because of the immensity of the physical world, because of the incredible complexity of the inter-connectedness of which we can experience but little, and because these connectios and forces seem to weave and flow and make patterns beyond our comprehension, we cannot grasp the immanent nature of the goddess. Yet, feeling her presence, the sense of connectedness and holiness in the world, and needing to invoke it into our lives, we long to approach it, to communicate and to name our feeling… We focus her into an image, larger than us… and, at the same time, in our own image… the goddess becomes a woman, a Queen or Great Mother.

 (הבלוג הזה עברי דובר עברית, אבל אני קוראת עכשיו את הספר ממנו העתקתי את הציטוט והוא כה מעורר השראה שרציתי לחלוק. המרווחים הם שלי.)

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